Speed Up Drupal 7 Performance

I read a motivational article entitled 5 Ways To Improve Drupal 7 Performance. I think it taught me something and resulted in some experimentation here at PcHousekeeping.

I have installed Boost and Memcached which are two of the tools mentioned in the article. A side effect of testing is the CDN module which came to my attention and is really nice.

Deployed CDN Here

One of the first things I have seen when looking at YSlow and Pingdom reports is the need to serve files that change little from a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Using the CDN module for Drupal 7 worked on one site, but here at PcHousekeeping it just wouldn't play right. I found a good tutorial by Wim Leers the developer of the CDN module and it encouraged me to use commercial CDN service.

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