Notes To Self

As time goes on it's harder to look back and remember how I solved the little glitches that eat up so much time. The idea here is a one stop area to jog my memory on these little problems that can turn out to be big if you have to research them all over again.

Upgrade Lamphear Design Drupal 6 to 7

  1. Created a devel site with copied files and database. Updated core and modules to latest Drupal 6. Removed thousands of bogus users. 81 mins with Drush.
  2. Followed the instructions in UPGRADE.txt that comes with Drupal 7. Migrated CCK. Removed a couple of modules that had no replacement or weren't being used. 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  3. Start upgrading theme. Countless hours here.
  4. Gave up because of the difficulty in replacing a drupal 6 module that allowed a link to be attached to an image.

Building a MAYO Sub-Theme

This is a quick summary of the steps I use to make a Sub-Theme for the MAYO theme for Drupal 7. I'm using MAYO 7.x-2.x  here, and the final release will be pretty much like it is now.

Feathered Images With PaintShop Pro X6

Feathered ImageUsed the Selection Tool with type "Square" and mode "Replace". Feather was on 5px. After selecting just inside the image I copied the selection to a new image that was the same size and had a transparaent background. The new image had a resolution of 72 px/inch and was a Raster Background.

I used "Paste as New Layer" and then used the export optimizer for .png. I didn't really find help on the web saying to do it this way, but it works.

Drupal 8 Development Error Messages

Just a list of re-install steps working on localhost XAMPP with Drupal 8 dev.

  • I have it pulled from git at
  • Save backup of settings.php and then delete the original.
  • For re-install delete /sites/default/files as it will be rebuilt on re-install.
  • Drop all the tables in the database.
  • Never leave phpMyAdmin window open with the last thing being to truncate. Opening the browser causes it to repeat on fresh install.

Amazon S3 With Video Module

AWS SDK for PHP module: Make sure to get the righ library from github to match the module version. Presently module is 7.x-5.4 and the library is 1.5.4

drush up drupal

Don't use drush pm-update project drupal or it will delete 90% of the files in /public_html and then fail with an error leaving you to restore and start over. This is to update core drupal 7 and not the contributed modules. drush up drupal works.

Making A Development Clone With Backup and Migrate

Really just linking to some good information here on using the Backup and Migrate module and the Pathologic module. Backup and Migrate can dump the database and backup all the site files from the procuction site. Then the module can restore them to the devel site. Pathologic keeps the URLs working  in places they might normally want to break.

Picture and Breakpoints Modules

These are for responsive images and ship with Drupal 8. The modules have backported versions for Drupal 7 and I'll be trying them here soon. Breakpoints is one of the required modules for the Picture module.

The responsive web design tutorial linked on the right is really good stuff.

Big Image


I was able to get APC installed on my local server today. This was strongly suggested for Symfony 2 and I've been seeing so much slowness in XAMPP I gave it a try. The reference link brought me to a download page, but Symfony wanted an even newer version so I had to do more digging.

The set up needed php_apc.dll in /xampp/php/ext and edits to php.ini and Apache httpd.conf. I reinstalled Symfony2 with the latest version and started over today.

XAMPP And The Freaken Apache Log Directory

Using XAMPP with multiple sites requires editing C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf. If it calls for logs like this: ErrorLog "C:\Users\John\Documents\My Webs\azenlab\logs\logs" you had better create the /logs directory or Apache will fail to restart. The bad thing is that none of the messages will give you an exact reason why.

Had the problem today while trying to get APC running on XAMPP and I had forgotten having the problem before. Hours wasted trying to figure why Apache wouldn't restart.