Save Ink - Save Money

I have a HP Deskjet printer and have found that the printer is cheep compared to the cost of new ink cartridges. We don't need color for most print jobs so we save ink by setting the printer to default on "Black Only" and "Draft". This helps because color cartridges cost more than black, and you will even use less of the black with it set to "Draft" in the print setup.

Now the question is, how do we make the printer default with these settings so we won't have to go in and change it each time? For Windows XP follow this path: Start/Control Panel/Printers and Other Hardware/Printers and Faxes. Now locate your printer in the list, right click, and go to Printing Preferences. In Setup mark "Draft" in Print Quality. In Advanced check "Print in Grayscale" and mark for "Black only". Now hit apply and OK and it's done.

If at any time you need color don't change it here. For that click on "Print" in what ever application you are using like Internet Explorer, and the go to "Properties". That way after you finish it will default back to Black.

Cheap Ink

We have been saving money using remanufactured cartridges. Compare the prices of the new OEM cartridges with the remanufactured ones at You will see a big savings. They also have ink to refill with and might even save you more, but we haven't tried that yet.

We needed an HP 78 color cartridge for a Deskjet 932c. We ordered the remanufactured equivalent and it shipped on the day ordered. It arrived via USPS 2 days later. The cartridge was $17.99 and we got the black equivalent of HP45 too. The shipping was $4.95. Don't know how long that will hold though. The web site is clean and fast, the price was good, and the follow up emails were great. is recommended.