ICDSoft Hosting Review. We Have 8 Sites.

We don't have to test ICDSoft like the review sites, because we have been using ICDSoft hosting with eight live client sites for multiple years. We are on their USA (SAVVIS Data Center) and very happy with the service.

The most important feature with hosting these days is Support since there are many companies with low cost plans. At ICDSoft they call it Suresupport and they are very fast and knowledgeable. They have a 24/7 ticket based system, and I have never felt the need to have phone support. Where I have had phone support with other providers I found it lacking.

ICDSoft has a $6/month Universal plan that covers almost any need. Most business will be fine with this and won't need their $10/ month Business plan. I have a real estate agent on the Universal plan with a good bit of images and he does fine.

They are very good about updating their Linux-based servers. For the rest of the details go to ICDSoft.com