FastNext Hosting Review - It's The Real Deal

As of 08/01/2011 we can no longer support FastNext and can only recommend ICDSoft for shared hosting. We have nine clients using them with various size sites and just recently tested ICDSoft with Drupal 7.

To make a long story short I tried FastNext and found their hosting worthy of promotion. I looked at their service extra hard because it had features that were new to me.

They are a brand of ISS Ltd. which is a UK registered company with the servers in New Jersey. That's not a problem for me because the hosting I've used for the past few years is in Bulgaria with the servers in the United States. That region of the world has some highly technical people, and the exchange rate must be good as the price is right.

We tried the Starter Plan with 300 GB of space and 3 TB of bandwidth. You have a choice between Apache or Windows and we of course selected Apache. This is their cheapest plan with the rate varying from $5.95 for 12 months or $3.75 for 48 months. You can get less than 12 months and pay more per month, but why would you?


Why do we mention this first? To us it's the most important thing. The hardware is available to all the hosting companies and the price can be dropped. Support shows how they actually care about the customer.

They have Live Support via chat which we didn't try because we like their ticket based system. The ticket based FineDesk is 24/7 with a quick response time.

We installed our own Awstats in a cgi-bin just to test them. We gave them some challenges just to see if they were patient and would stick with the tough ones. They didn't always get it on the first try, but stuck with it until it was right. The language difference made them have to try harder and they did.

Our Site

We set up a quick little site to try out all the bells and whistles. I had never used cPanel and always wanted to see what it was about. It's very nice and works fast enough in the secure version which they say is slower. We did a little database work to see how setting up the users would go with cPanel, and all was fine.

Our test site is up and runs as we would expect with good hosting. We opened an email account and that went well.

Their Prices

The prices are real good for what you get. They have three tiers, Starter, Special, and Unlimited. Comparing on a 12 months basis which we are used to, we see $5.95, $7.95, and $11.95 respectively. The Starter plan will take care of 90% of the sites on the web. Go for the 48 months if you think your site will last.

They register Domain names for $9.95 for the Starter plan and give you a free one with the two bigger plans. Registration is through ENOM which I am familiar with and like.

When you sign up for 12 or 14 months they have some free months they add on as of this writing. If you are still not sure you can try it for a month.