Video From My Kodak Digital Camera

We won't be super technical here, but simply list what worked for me. This does not mean that it's the best way or the only way. I just had a lot of trouble getting help on the web for video with the Z612, and this is a way for me to document it and remember. If someone else is helped then great.

The Kodak Z612 outputs video in a MOV file which is an Apple QuickTime proprietory container file. I have had nothing but bad luck any time I try to run some of Apple's stuff on this PC, but that's probably just me.

For the first attempt I set the camera on video and the Video Size setting at 640x480. I zoomed in as the camera was recording. The result was a MOV file that would not view in QickTime, but for some reason would view with the QuickTime plug-in in Firefox.

The resulting video had a good bit of noise in the sound from the camera adjusting. I solved most of that problem by using the Single AF setting in the Video AF Control for the later videos. I tried unsuccessfully to change the file type with a free down load of The RAD Video Tools. The idea was to get it into an AVI format and then edit it with Windows Movie Maker. WMM comes with Windows XP and is found in Start/All Programs/Accessories.

It would not convert to AVI but I was able to upload it to YouTube. Remember it was my first ever attempt labeled "Night Train".

Now that we see what works poorly I can show how my best result was obtained. Here I set the Kodak Z612 on 320X240 in the Video Size settings. The AF Setting was set on Single AF. Now we get a MOV video file that has little noise in the sound and it can be converted to a AVI with the RAD Tool. I was able to use Windows Movie Maker now to edit the AVI file. It was easy to add text like movie credits over the video and add music. There are quite a few tutorials on the web for using Windows Movie Maker. I didn't get fancy, but just wanted to see if I could do it.

This video wasn't uploaded to YouTube since my wife was in it and threatened trouble if I did. I'll have to make another demo and add it here later.

Kodak Z612.