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Here we provide a little information for those who might be considering
getting a web page, or have a need concerning their existing website.
We understand that most of our clients have little or no knowledge of
techno-speak, and so we try to "keep it simple". If you have a sharp IT guy,
just have him give us a call so we can share acronyms. Simply speaking we
are available to serve your needs in the areas of web design, development,
or consulting. If you have interests in these areas follow the links on the
left and check us out. Our main service area is South Louisiana, with our
location in Abbeville. We welcome interests coming from anywhere the
internet reaches. Contact us and we will be glad to expand and clarify.

We have just added some information on making video with a digital camera. Digital images are important on web sites and we hope to get more information here on other areas of digital camera use for the web.