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PcHousekeeping got it's start years ago cleaning computers of dust, eliminating virus problems, and fighting general slowness. Today the name really doesn't fit too well as most all of our time is spent on Drupal development. Our specialty is site maintenance and administration. We work with sites that are not Drupal based like WordPress, but our heart is now in Drupal...

MAYO Images and the Picture Module

After getting the Drupal MAYO theme responsive 7.x-2.0 version released I had some thoughts. What about the images? I'm talking about images that are not part of the banner, backgrounds, or little icons. It's the images that are in fields set aside especially for them or inline in content that concern me here.

Using the Node Export Module

I have finally got to try the latest version of Node Export. I had a node with multiple images in a field and at first I had trouble exporting the images. On the export side I had failed to check the "Files exported for content types" setting in /admin/config/content/node_export". After that I used the file download method and it worked like a charm.

Couldn't get any joy out of the sister module "Node export features" and disabled it.

Testing Webform and Captcha-Free

Have no clue if this will work or not.

Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Profile Migration

Working on the Raintree Village upgrade to Drupal 7 and came on the problem of migrating D6 Content Profile module profiles to D7 Profile2.

We are trying to move profile data from Drupal 6 nodes that are content types to Drupal 7 data in entities. There is no direct upgrade path so thanks to the insperation gathered here I was able to use VBO to move the data.

Disable Breadcrumbs Module

Sometimes you want to selectively get rid of the breadcrumbs. They just look strange with some page configurations, and now with the Disable Breadcrumbs module you have all kinds of ways of controlling them. You can get rid of them "on a per node, per content type, or by path (any path) basis" and they will look fine everywhere else.

Latest Flag Module Branch

Giving the Flag Module 7.x-3.x-dev a try here. We have only one flag configured and it's designed to send admin an email if there is a Spam comment to an article node.

I'll need to enable comments for this article and add a Spam comment to flag


Trying Out JW Player

After seeing a few jobs on Elance related to JW Player I decided to give it a try and see what all the buzz was about. I'll have to say it seemed to have been a big time sink. The only version of the module that works with the latest 6 version of JW Player is 7.x-2.x-dev and it needs a lot of work. I couldn't even get the player to load in any of the 3 major browsers.

I'll follow the discussion in the issue queue and see what develops. A lot of people seem to want this to happen, but meantime there are better modules to do the same job.

PcHousekeeping Now Responsive

All the buzz for a long time has been about responsive web design to deal with all the ways users now surf the web. PcHousekeeping.com is now using the MAYO theme for Drupal with a sub-theme. The result has been encouraging as we finally have the site looking fairly good on the iPhone and other similar devices.

Using Compass Generated Sprites Here

pchousekeeping spriteCompass makes using sprites easy. The idea is to combine images into one file and let CSS pick them apart. The result is less http requests and a faster page load. The image shown here is of the sprite in use as of this writing.


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